Board of Directors

The North Kern South Tulare Hospital District is governed by a 5-member Board of Directors. Each board member is elected during the general elections and serve a staggered 4-year term.

Conflict of Interest Code

image description Jaime Mendoza Board President

Jaime Mendoza is a 4th generation Delano native who has been very active in the community.  In 1986 during his junior year at Delano High School, he was asked to emcee his first Queen Show/Scholarship pageant for Delano Cinco de Mayo Fiesta’s Inc.  Little did he know that he would continue to emcee over 30 more pageants, join the organization as a board member and participate in their annual projects including the food basket giveaways, candy-filled stocking giveaways for children featuring Santa & Mrs. Claus, cook for fundraising BBQ’s, scholarships and more.  He became the Corporate Sponsorship chair and in 2005 was elected President of the organization.  Today he is celebrated as a “Life Member”.

In the fall of 1999, he volunteered to be the public address announcer for the newly formed Delano Bengals Youth Football program where to this day he continues to volunteer his time calling the games and playing music.  He has also volunteered as the P.A. announcer for Cesar E. Chavez and Robert F. Kennedy high schools where he has witnessed many league and valley title games as the P.A. announcer for most of the school’s sports programs.

In the fall of 2000, Jaime was asked to volunteer for the Delano Downtown Beautification Project.  He was selected as the Vice-Chair and was an integral part in keeping the project at budget.  So next time you walk across the paving stones down Main Street between 8th Ave. and 14th Ave. and see the old-fashioned streetlights and bollards or sit on one of the stylish terra cotta benches under a tree, remember this – Jaime Mendoza’s fingerprints are all over those improvements.

Jaime began serving on the North Kern South Tulare Hospital District Board of Directors on September 25th, 2003, and was elected as President from 2007 through 2019 & again in December 2022 (after a 2-year sabbatical).  In that time he has assisted the Administrator with successful labor negotiations with employees, appointed by the board to hire the new Administrator in 2006 & 2010, attend arbitration negotiations regarding electrical faults which arose from a construction project and provided direction for approval of the settlement in favor of the District, assisted with the implementation process of an emergency generator for the DDSNF in 2008, assisted with the beginning phases of expansion and growth for the District beginning in 2009, presented an application in Sacramento to OSHPD, Cal-Mortgage Loan Insurance Division for refinancing of District bonds ($2,390,000) and funding for the Gloria Nelson Center for Women and Children (4,725,000) in March 2010.  Presided over the Board during the approval and final annexation of the district in January 2010.

In April of 2012, Board President Jaime Mendoza and the Board of Directors of the North Kern South Tulare Hospital District opened the Gloria Nelson Center a 9800 square ft. state of the art rural health clinic on its campus in Delano.  It offers Family Practice, OBGYN & Pediatric services to the underserved City of Delano and surrounding communities.  It also offers programs for undocumented residents.  On March 13th, 2019, with the support of the Board of Directors and families who had loved ones in the Delano District Skilled Nursing Facility, he decided to close the DDSNF to the public due to the COVID-19 pandemic which led to saving countless lives.

Jaime met his wife Ruth in Delano and they have been married for over 30 years.  They have 2 children, Lorena and Renee, who both achieved their master’s degrees and work in Education.  Jaime has worked in the mortgage industry for over 24 years and specializes in residential, construction, renovation, community lending programs, reverse mortgages, and commercial projects just to name a few.  He has over 300 products to choose from.

Today, Jaime understands that the Hospital District and surrounding community needs even more health care options such as mental health.  He, with support of the Board is looking forward to adding more medical services while continuing to provide quality health care to this community and employment opportunities with fair wages including the CalPERS retirement program.

image description Joe Aguirre Vice President

Joe Aguirre, an exemplary figure in Delano, California, has dedicated his career to serving the community both in healthcare and public service. His journey began in the 1980s when he served as a Police Explorer, rising to the rank of captain, showcasing his early commitment to public safety. Concurrently, Joe started his career as a firefighter, paramedic, and EMT in Richgrove, solidifying his expertise in emergency management. In 2022, he enhanced his capabilities by obtaining an Emergency Management certificate from Washington, DC. This comprehensive approach continued as Joe ventured into healthcare, making significant contributions at DRMC, Tulare Hospital District, and Bakersfield Heart Hospital.

Joe’s commitment to public service extended to elected office, where he played pivotal roles in the Delano City Council from 2010 to 2014 and again from 2016 to 2020. As Mayor in 2013, he implemented progressive policies, including a zero-tolerance stance on cannabis, reflecting his dedication to community well-being. During his second mayoral term in 2019, Joe achieved remarkable financial milestones for Delano, creating a first-time reserve and establishing a balanced budget after more than two decades.

Throughout his journey, Joe garnered accolades from the State Assembly, US Congress, and the Senate, highlighting his impactful contributions to both healthcare and public service. His expertise and proactive approach were further evident in community initiatives, such as placing “In God We Trust” on Delano Police Department vehicles and developing a crime prevention and witness reward system.

Joe Aguirre’s life and career showcase a harmonious blend of healthcare and public service, symbolizing his unwavering commitment to the well-being and prosperity of Delano and its residents.

image description Glenda Muldrow Treasurer

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image description Rosa Lugo Secretary

Rosa Lugo, NKSTHD Board Secretary and a devoted mother of two extends her exceptional dedication to the community of Delano while also actively participating in various community volunteering efforts. In her capacity as a Supervisor at the City of Delano Recreation Department, Rosa goes above and beyond to enhance the lives of Delano residents by organizing tailored recreational activities that foster a sense of community and connection.

Beyond her official duties, Rosa is a committed public servant, involving herself in volunteering initiatives throughout the community. Her work with the American Cancer Relay For Life Leadership Team and as the board secretary on the HomeTown Heroes Committee showcases her broader dedication to causes such as cancer support and honoring Military Veterans and First Responders. Rosa’s positive impact is not confined to her professional role; she consistently seeks innovative ways to engage and bring joy to the Delano population, embodying the spirit of compassion and inclusion. Her multifaceted contributions to Delano, both as a public servant and a community volunteer, highlight Rosa’s exceptional commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of those around her.

image description Gina Martinez Board Member

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Board Meetings

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District board meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of every month, unless otherwise noted, and are conducted in the board room of Delano District Skilled Nursing Facility.

Board meetings are open to the general public and accommodations for disabled individuals, under the Americans with Disabilities Act, can be made with reasonable advance notice by calling the District office at (661) 720-2101.

Agendas for upcoming board meetings are posted at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled board meeting.

The minutes for prior board meetings are available here.

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