Delano District Skilled Nursing Facility

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At Delano District Skilled Nursing Facility (DDSNF), we are committed to providing an excellent level of care to our residents. High standards and our commitment to excellence have led us to be an organization composed of friendly staff, cleanliness, and the dignity of our residents.

Our goal is to create a sensitively paced program designed to meet the needs of our residents and their families. Our inter-disciplinary team will create a care plan specifically designed to achieve our resident’s maximum potential and to restore his or her highest possible level of well-being. DDSNF provides care and opportunities for a either a short-term or long-term stay.

DDSNF is an advocate for our seniors and we strive to encourage their independence with training, information, team meetings, and family involvement. The facility’s goal is to prepare our residents for a safe discharge home back into the community whether they are living independently or with their family.

At times, despite efforts made, our residents may experience a decline in medical condition whereas they can no longer make needs, wants, or concerns known to family or staff. During these difficult times, our team works collaboratively with the resident and family members to develop a plan for long term living arrangements and healthcare services in accordance with insurance and finances.


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