Nursing Care

Nursing care is our business! Our team of liensed nurses and certified nursing assistants provide 24 hour care in 3 shifts to our residents. Nursing shift assignments are consistent, when possible, to ensure that our residents adapt and adjust well to not only their environment, but to their direct caregivers as well.

All residents are assessed by our team leaders from each department to create a plan of care that is specifically designed to meet the needs of each resident. Our team of licensed nursing staff is trained to administer medications, coordinate healthcare services, and maintain direct contact with the resident’s primary care physician. Our certified nursing assitants are especially trained to assist, supervise, or fully assist residents with their activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, feeding, transferring, and toileting.

Admissions, Discharges, and Social Services

Our Admissions and Social Services personnel can assist prospective residents and family members in the admission process by providing facility tours and responding to your questions and concerns. We realize this may be a difficult process for residents and family members and we will assist in every way we can to provide a smooth transition from home to here.

Our team leaders will make every effort to provide encouragement, emotional support, and a level of sensitivity during this transitional time. Our Resident Services Counselor will guide residents and families to plan for either short term or long term care, as well as the appropriate steps needed for insurance and financial coverage. Residents will also be assisted with discharge planning, when possible, to ensure that our residents transition back home safely and as independent as possible.

Ancillary Services

Our social services team helps to coordinate all dental, optometry, podiatry, and hearing aid needs to the appropriate physician or provider. At most times, our residents can be accommodated for these services within the facility so that family members do not need special transportation. However, appointments with your preferred phyisican or services provider can be arranged upon request.


Our dedicated activities staff are all certified and trained as Activity Directors and are committed to providing a variety of creative and individualized programs for the physical and intellectual well-being of each resident. Independent leisure supplies are available to all residents and family members. Outings are scheduled monthly for residents (as weather permits and dependent on the resident’s functional status) to shop, dine, or attend special events. This allows our residents to feel connected with their past and with their local community.The activities staff assist residents with shopping on a weekly basis, assists with voting registration, and holds monthly Resident Council Meetings so that residents have the opportunity to voice their opinions and requests to staff as a group. Within just a few days, our activities staff is certain to be your loved one’s new BFF!

Dietary Services

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served daily in our three dining rooms. Meals can also be served in the resident’s room, if preferred, to accommodate individual needs. Nourishments and bedtime snacks are also offered and served throughout the day to residents.

A Registered Dietician and Certified Dietary Manager is among our full-time staff to review dining menus frequently in order to enhance the quality of foods served and modify menus according to our residents’ ethic population. Our Dietician assesses each resident upon admission, quarterly, and as needed to ensure that each resident receives adequate nutrition and appropriate calorie intake dependent on the resident’s therapeutic diet. Meals can also be purchased by visitors so that they can dine with their loved one, and special menu items are offered for holiday meals.

Housekeeping and Laundry Services

A clean and sanitary environment at DDSNF is mandatory! Our environmental services staff ensures that all resident rooms are cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis. Residents and family members have the option of allowing our staff to launder resident’s clothing at no additional charge. Residents’ clothing is washed and hung in our residents’ closets daily.

Care Conference Meetings

Our team leaders from every department reassesses each resident upon admission, on a quarterly basis, and as needed. Family members are encouraged to attend so that our team can review the resident’s medical condition, nutrition, and preferences as well as important healthcare decisions for the resident. Family members and residents may ask our team questions at anytime, however, these meetings are designed to provide you with the full attention of our staff so that the focus is entirely on the resident.

Business Office Services

Our business office staff allows the residents an opportunity to access their funds from their individualized Resident Trust Account during regular business hours. We believe that some residents may psychologically benefit from being able to manage their own monies so that not all of their independence is lost during placement. An account statement showing all transactions is distributed to the resident or family member on a quarterly basis. The busines office may also assist you with share of cost information, Medi-cal application and renewal, as well as the direct deposit of social security checks.