Therapy Services

Empowering Independence!

Therapy Specialists® is DDSNF’s official partner to provide rehabilitation services to our residents.

Therapy Specialists® is a team of professional physical, occupational, and speech therapists working together for the purpose of improving the resident’s physical functioning. The resident’s progress in therapy is, by far, a major factor in self confidence and independence leading to a healthier and happier resident.

Personalized Rehabilitation Plan and Goals

Based on the resident’s lifestyle and current abilities, Therapy Specialists® will collaborate with you to develop a personalized treatment plan to meet the established goal! This plan of care is specifically designed and tailored to help the resident regain their strength, skills, and abilities at the highest and safest level possible. Our rehab team will work directly with you to discuss the resident’s progress and level of physical funtioning so that plans for short term or long term care can be determined. Either way, our Resident Services Counselor will work with you every step of the way.

Our rehab team encourages family to participate in meetings and training to learn about the resident’s progress and how to safely assist the resident. Meetings can be conducted in person or over the telephone to share share progress, discuss goal status, answer questions, and to coach family members on how they can support the resident’s overall success.

For additional information about our therapy team or about available therapy programs, please call (661) 720-2100 ext. 216

For more information about Therapy Specialists, please visit their website at